Sunday, March 11, 2012


1:03 am,  my sweet little man woke up crying about his ear.
This is new for us,  None of my kids have ever had ear ache/ infections.
I grabbed my modern essentials book, looked up earache and found the appropriate oil,  One was Melaleuca, hallelujah, I had some.
  I rubbed a drop behind his ear and put a drop ON a cotton ball and placed the cotton ball in his ear.
Gave him a dose of Tylenol and at 1:09 he was snuggled back down in his bed, even better, NO more tears!!  It breaks my heart to watch my kids hurts and feel like I am helpless. 
I was amazed at how fast it worked, 
I had planned on running him to instacare first thing this morning, but he woke up happy as can be.  No ear pain at all.
Everyday I have a experience that renews my Love for these oils!!

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