Monday, April 2, 2012

GX Assist

Today is my last day of the 10 day GX assist.
I have had this weird thing on my leg for about 1 year, It showed up when
I started running again.  I was not sure if
it was a clogged pour, a boil a ingrown hair??  I tried many different thing, it would
decrease in size until my next long run, then
come back with a vengeance... and it hurt!

At the last event Tammy was talking about her grand daughter, she has really bad eczema.  They had tried all kinds of creams and steroids, none of which helped her.
Tammy found doTERRA online and read about the GX assist, she ordered some and within the first 8 days saw a tremendous difference.  They did it 3 time's with her.  It has been
10  months and she has not had any more issues.
Joyce has a very similar story with her 5 year old Great Grand daughter.  The symptoms were 80 percent better in the first 10 day treatment.

After listening to their stories I decided to try it, I was going to do oregano but the GX Assist is formulated with therapeutic-grade oregano, melalueca, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, and thyme.
I decided to try it instead.  After the 10 day treatment it is almost gone.   I am going to do the  5 days of probiotic then do another 10 day round of Gx assist, just for good measure. 
One more awesome story about doTERRA!
(added 4-18-2012,  second round of GX assist and the small lump that remained after the first round,  was gone in the first 3 days.)
Here is a great description of Gx Assist from

GX Assist®: Digestive Cleansing Formula
GX Assist Digestive Cleansing Formula from doTERRA

GX Assist® is a proprietary combination of CPTG®, certified-pure-therapeutic-grade essential oils and caprylic acid that help support a healthy digestive tract by cleansing the digestive system of unwanted pathogens, bacteria, and other organisms.  This is known to help in eliminating candida, numerous auto immune diseases, and digestive upset.
GX Assist® is formulated with

  • oregano: has antibacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic, and antiviral properties,
  • melalueca: has demonstrated strong anti fungal properties, as well as antibiotic, anti parasitic, and antiviral abilities and is also known to reduce inflammation,
  • lemon: is often used for its antiseptic and antiviral properties,
  • lemongrass: demonstrates antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties,
  • peppermint: has a long history of soothing digestive problems and has strong anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties,
  • thyme: is highly antibacterial, as well as anti fungal, and
  • Caprylic Acid: is a fatty acid naturally found in coconut milk, breast milk, and other sources. It has demonstrated antimicrobial properties against pathogens such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Strep, among others.

  • doTERRA®'s GX Assist® is designed to be taken 3 times a day for 10 days, followed immediately by the 5 day PB Assist+® program to repopulate the digestive tract with good bacteria.  As with all cleanses, it will be most effective if the user drinks lots of water during this 10 day period.  Drinking water with lemon essential oil added will remove the toxins faster with a lesser affect on the body.
    The bottle contains 60 capsules.

    If you have question you can email me at or you can visit my doTERRA page to place a order.

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