Wednesday, April 18, 2012

doTERRA with Justin Harrison

What a great night!!
Justin is amazing, it was a lot of fun to listen to him, see friends and learn new great ways to use these awesome oils.
If you have your own expierence with doTERRA I would love to hear them.
I want to share a few of the new things I learned.

Breathe is one oil that is quickly becoming one of my favorites,  One of my children suffers from asthma, most of the time he is fine but his allergies have been bad this spring. 
He has been rubbing breathe on his chest, the coughing stops and he sleeps like a champ!

Last night I learned that you can put breathe in your humidifier, great for croupy little children.

The room was packed, which means, lots of great testimonials from people.
One lady said she has been on a c-pap for years,  She started using breathe at night, and It has helped her to quit using her c-pap!!! That is amazing ( if this is something that applies to you, I would recommend that you still have a sleep apnea test,  make sure your oxygen levels stay in a safe range while sleeping)

Another great one was digest zen, we all know you can you digest zen for anything digestion.  IBS, acid reflux ect.
Justin told a story of using digest zen for a sinus infection!
Simply rub it over the bridge of your nose, After looking at what oils are in the digest zen blend, it totally makes sense.

He also talk of deep blue.
 I get asked alot about the difference in the oil and the rub.
He said the rub has a longer, over all lasting effect.  The oil is more for a immediate relief but does not last quite as long as the rub.
For the ultimate relief for severe pain(rheumatoid arthritis) use both.
Another great product he mentioned for arthritis was Frankincense, A sweet little lady told of her arthritis and how debilitating it is.  She rubs Frankincense on her hands and has had immense relief.
Also a story of a member on her team, she has Ulnar Tunnel, she rubs frankincense on her wrist and the problem has repaired itself.

The last one I am going to mention is my favorite doTERRA product.
The life long vitality pack.
In my own experience I have seen a huge difference in my energy level, as well as my hair, my nails, skin.
I have also noticed that I no longer have hip pain.  I would have to take 800 ibuprofen everyday after going to the gym to stop the pain in my hip.
 I have not taken any ibuprofen in 6 weeks!
This was another one that was mentioned in helping with arthritis.
This is a quick run down of the LLV pack again.  All three mention below are included in the pack.

doTERRA Alpha CRS+® Cellular Vitality Complex is a proprietary formula combining potent levels of natural botanical extracts that support healthy cell proliferation and lifespan with important metabolic factors of cellular energy to help you live younger, longer. Alpha CRS+ is formulated to be used daily with xEO Mega® and Microplex VMz™ as a comprehensive dietary supplement foundation for a lifetime of vitality and wellness.

Primary Benefits
  • Supports healthy cell proliferation and lifespan by reducing oxidative stress to DNA and other critical cell structures
  • Supports healthy inflammatory response to oxidative stress in cells
  • Supports cellular energy by supporting healthy mitochondria and by supplying metabolic factors of energy production
  • Supports healthy cellular immune function
  • Supports mental clarity and healthy brain function

doTERRA's xEO Mega® Essential Oil Omega Complex is a unique formula of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and a proprietary blend of marine and land-sourced omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids help support healthy joint, cardiovascular, and brain health, support healthy immune function, and have been shown to help mediate healthy inflammatory response in cells. A single daily dose of xEO Mega provides 1000 milligrams of marine lipids with 340 mg of ERA and 240 mg of DMA and a blend of plant-sourced essential fatty acids. xEO Mega also includes 800 IU of natural vitamin D, 60 IU of natural vitamin E, and 1 mg of pure astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant carotenoid harvested from microalgae. The bioavailability of the xEO Mega formula is enhanced through a nanosomal lipid assimilation system and is encapsulated in SLS-free vegetable liquicapsules.

Primary Benefits
  • Promotes cardiovascular health by reducing oxidative stress and mediating healthy cellular response to inflammatory markers
  • Supports health joint function and comfort
  • Provides important modulating nutrients for healthy immune function
  • Protects against lipid oxidation and supports healthy function of the brain
  • Promotes healthy skin

doTERRA's Microplex VMz™ Food Nutrient Complex is an all-natural, whole-food formula of bioavailable vitamins and minerals that are are deficient in our modern diets. The formula includes a balanced blend of essential antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, and an energy complex of B vitamins presented in a patented glycoprotein matrix. It also contains food-derived minerals of calcium, magnesium, and zinc and 72 organic trace minerals for optimal bone and metabolic health. Microplex VMz contains doTERRA's Tummy Tamer™ botanical blend of peppermint, ginger, and caraway to calm the stomach for those who may have experienced stomach upset with other vitamin and mineral products. Microplex VMz is encapsulated using sodium lauryl sulfate-free vegetable capsules, does not contain wheat or dairy products, and does not include any animal products or synthetic ingredients.

Primary Benefits
  • Provides 22 essential vitamins and minerals to support normal growth, functioning and maintenance of cells
  • Fights free radicals with the antioxidants vitamins A, C, and E
  • Supports healthy metabolism and cellular energy
  • Supports bone health with calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Provides systemic benefits of vitality and wellness associated with optimal intake of essential nutrients

  So many great products, If you have questions you can email me at or to learn more about doTERRA and the products listed you can visit

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