Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I started doing Slim and Sassy about 4 weeks ago, I have always been really good at the SASSY part... just the slim I want some help with!! :)
 So far, I really like it.
 I have not gotten on the scale ( I avoid that when ever possible) but I will.
 I have noticed that I definantly have more energy throughout my day.
 It has also helped me kick my diet coke habit... I only had 2 a day but I know that even though it has no calories, it is full of chemicals and artificial ingredients and really not good for me...but, man I love the fizz :)
I have only had 2 particial diet cokes in the last month, and I don't really miss it. 

I am training to do RAGNAR and the difference this year compared to last year is HUGE...I really feel that the reason I have more energy is due to slim and sassy, I am actually running faster, which says alot because I am slow! 
Overall I think slim and sassy is a win, win.  I haven't noticed losing any weight but I am hopeful that in the next few weeks I can feel a difference and THEN I will weigh myself again.
On a side note,  Last night when I was watching one of the webinar's, a lady had called in and said she lost 12 LBS in one weeks on slim and sassy..... that was without excersise!

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