Monday, February 6, 2012

My doTERRA story.

     This is my story of doTERRA.

   I was talking to a friend of mine about my youngest.  He doesn't sleep very well at night, some nights he wake up 6 times a night.. needless to say I was a very sleepy, non productive mom the next day.    She told me about doTERRA,  she encouraged me to try some lavender on his feet at night and see what happened.

   I was skeptical,  sounded way to easy.  I went home and searched it online,  read some stories from other moms and decided to try it.   Long story short,  my little guy now sleeps from 8pm-7am!   After the first few nights of good sleep I was shocked, and willing to try other oils.

    One night I was talking with my sister that lives out of town,  She had also been introduced to doterra and was excited to share.  She had purchased some oils and sent them to some of our family members to try.   One of our loved ones suffers from arthritis,  she has had pain in her knees for years,  One of the products she tried was Deep Blue,  She now has enough relief from the pain that she has joined a gym and enjoys walking for exercise.  I could list many similar stories just from our family with deep blue.

  I also have a sister in law that suffers from migraine headaches,  they are debilitating for her.  With small children she too was hopeful for something to help relieve her headaches.  She has tried" past tense" and had great results.

  I have multiple stories with similar results with the samples that either myself or family have tried with doTERRA oils.

  There are so many great options with doTERRA, They have everything from hair, skin products to aromatherapy and oils.

    We had a great party last weekend, I learned so many great thing.  I have a few family members and myself that will be trying some products and am excited to post the results on here.

  One of the samples I will be doing is slim and sassy,  a natural metabolic supplement that help you to  loose weight.  The hardest thing is remembering to take it.... but on the week that I did it  3 times a day for 1 week I lost 2 pounds!  That is exciting... check back for results.
 For more info on doTERRA you can visit my doTERRA website

  doTERRA also has some amazing business opportunities,  If you are interested in learning more you can email me at or leave me a comment and I will contact you.
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