Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long blog!

I have forgotten how crazy busy summer time is....but I love it!

It is so nice having my kids home!! I even have teenagers, and I still like them :)

We have had a awesome summer so far, We went on  a fun family Camping trip for 8 days, (thank goodness for trailers with showers and a potty)  I packed my family physician kit and lucky had no need to use anything,  no even the bug repellent... Hooray.

My sisters and sister in laws did RAGNAR once again this year.(192 mile,12 person relay race)
SO FUN!  with a huge difference.

Last year I was so sore, I had to fall in to my chair instead of sit and it was almost impossible to get out of it once I had fallen.  I avoided the stairs for a few days.. We won't even talk about getting down on the floor, didn't happen.
 This year,  I had deep blue........ My left calf was a little sore....THAT WAS IT!
My first leg was almost 8 miles, the last 2.5 are a good incline and when I was finished I was already super tight in my calves.  My quads were also a little sore.
I rubbed my legs down with deep blue...  my second leg I felt awesome.  Not sore at all!!
I seriously used it like lotion!! :)
Those that were super sore the following day, did not use deep blue like lotion..:)
needless to say, it is now my new best running buddy.
Although I learned during training NOT to rub deep blue on your knees, then strap on a knee brace that holds heat to keep your muscles warm...they start to get really warm by mile 2, fire by mile three and you end up wearing your fancy knee brace on your arm for rest of your run.

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer!!
 I am going to go spend some days at the lake......ahhhhh, favorite time of the year.
Hopefully talk to you all in July :)

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