Wednesday, May 16, 2012

doTERRA as a business

Summer has defiantly arrived at our house, along with the crazy busy schedules!!
I never thought the day would come that I was excited to have my teenagers driving, but
With Football schedules, work, and play it is time to let my 15 year old spread his wings and DRIVE. He takes his drivers test today and with any luck with be legal the end of the month... cross your fingers :)

This weekend my sister made the long trip home for mothers day, so we took advantage of the
time on Saturday to do a doTERRA party for some friends.
 It was awesome!  It is always so fun to visit with friends,
but even better to see how you can help improve the health and lives of
not only them, but their friends and families!!

I had a few ladies ask me about how and why I decided to become a consultant for doTERRA, so here is my story for you as well.

My youngest has always slept really well, then about a year ago he became the naughtiest sleeper....ever!
Some nights we were up 6 times!! That makes for a tired and not so fun mom the next day.
I was talking to a friend of mine about it, she gave me a sample to lavender, she told me to
rub it on his feet at night, swearing it would help...
I am a skeptical person.  I only took it to make her happy,
I tried it that night and after 1 week I was a believer.
We went from 6 times a night to maybe 1 but 3-7 nights he slept all night.

I was interested in learning more, I had researched them on the Internet and decided to have her host a party.
Within my family we bought, past tense for headaches, deep blue for bad hip and knee pain,
 lavender for sleep, and the Vitamins.
After using the vitamins for a month I could see a huge difference in my energy level.  My hair, skin and nails were noticeably healthier. 
I would love to know what they are doing to the inside if the outside is better. :)

My sister in law has great results with the Past Tense for her chronic headaches.
Both of my parents had great relief with the deep blue with their joint pain.

I decided to buy a physicians kit and try it.  I have used  digest zen for tummy aches, relief was immediate.  Lavender and balance on my kids every night for sleep, results TREMENDOUS.
I also am using slim and sassy, with good results, the list goes on but the bottom line is, I have loved everything I have tried.  I love that it is CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE.
All natural, no chemicals or perfumes added.  I don't have to worry about what I am giving my children and what it is going to do to their little bodies.

I started sharing oils with my friends because I want to help them with everyday ailments.
I didn't really have the intent of making a business as much as just helping those around me feel better... As a perk in sharing these oils, I have received financial gain from doTERRA.
  As this point I make enough money to cover what I order.  So It is like using the oils I love for FREE!!
I KNOW there is great potential to earn large amounts of money if you decide to make doTERRA a business, and would be happy to help you along the way if you are interested.
My first recommendation would be to try the oils, develop your own love with them.  Then it is easy and natural to share with other.
This is the compensation plan payout, per MONTH!  So like I said,  Great potential for anyone willing to try it.

If you have question or would like to know more, feel free to email me at

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